A thistle growing from an open book, with the hashtag #ShareTheRead, the logo for all the Reader Experiences offered to readers by Indie Author Joy E. Rancatore. Includes the link www.joyerancatore.com/share-the-read.


More than a hashtag …

Stories unite us. When we greet one another with “Share The Read,” we’re acknowledging that tales bond us, books bring authors and readers together and stories teach us about each other and ourselves like no other tutor can.

Whether we link arms in a virtual book club, invite our in-person clubs for an author chat, accept a reading challenge or discover a new favorite story, we achieve a common goal: to Share The Read!

Thank you for joining me here to celebrate STORIES! I host many Reader Experiences throughout the year, and I’d love for you to join the fun.

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Any Good Thing by Joy E. Rancatore, 2022 Indie Author Project Winner for Louisiana

Any Good Thing

None of us deserves any good thing. So, when one does come—it’s a gift.

Southern Literary Fiction, novel

This Good Thing

Even on the darker days, we can be thankful for this good thing—LIFE.

Christian Southern Fiction, novella

Every Good Thing, a short story collection by Joy E. Rancatore, part of Carolina's Legacy Collection

Every Good Thing

Every Good Thing comes from God—look for them. Embrace them. Give thanks for them. Live them.

Christian Southern Fiction, short story collection

The Crux Anthology

Adventure Fantasy & SciFi Short Stories

Fantasy & SciFi