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Joy E. Rancatore is a multi-genre Indie Author who is passionate about writing the SOUL with HEART.
JOY E. RANCATORE writes fiction, nonfiction and everything between. In addition to her publishing roles, Joy is a blogger, speaker, teacher, editor for fellow Indie Authors and co-host of QWERTY Writing Life Podcast.

A multi-genre Indie Author, Joy has published Any Good Thing (2019) and This Good Thing (2020) in the Carolina’s Legacy Collection. She also published Finders Keepers: A Practical Approach to Find and Keep Your Writing Critique Partner (2019) with co-author Meagan Smith. Her fantasy work “Ealiverel Awakened” was first published in The Crux Anthology (2018).



Louisiana Indie Author Project Winner Joy E. Rancatore and Any Good Thing


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Joy’s primary editor is her cat, Tolkien. He hopes one day she’ll improve. Any improvement, however small, would be grand in his estimation.
Both of Joy’s children learned to write with the same fat Snoopy pencil she did.
Joy won Camp NaNo on her first attempt in 2018. She began the challenge with just over 30,000 words and ended the month just past 95,000. That is how Any Good Thing was birthed.
One of Joy’s short stories, “Ealiverel Awakened,” won second place in a competition. Her work, along with many others’, appears in The Crux Anthology, an Adventure SciFi and Fantasy collection edited by Rachael Ritchey. All profits benefit Compassion International. Joy’s short story will one day be part of a much larger fantasy series of books she is currently world-building.
Her biggest writing accomplishment to date remains penning the cover story for the August 2003 issue of Leatherneck, Magazine of the Marines. It featured her brother, Justin.