One Good Thing

Fans of Where the Crawdads Sing, hope-filled coming-of-age dramas and post-9/11 fiction will enjoy this dual-POV epistolary novel, which embodies Southern fiction with Christian roots. This book completes the four-part Carolina’s Legacy Collection

One Good Thing, an epistolary by Joy E. Rancatore, rounds out Carolina's Legacy Collection.

Behind the Scenes of the Book

Hear the songs that inspired the author as she wrote and revised One Good Thing.

Every day—no matter how bleak it seems—find one good thing for which to be thankful.

Through a series of unsent letters to the sweetheart he left behind, Jack Calhoun unpacks his rage and grief and wrestles with questions of the soul like, “Who am I?” Rachael Burns, the girl he left, uses her journal to make sense of his abandonment.

Jack escapes the guilt-filled confines of judgmental Bellum, Georgia, and embarks on a rocky path toward purpose. When that mission gets shattered on a dark street in Fallujah, he’s left empty-handed.

Rachael clings to thrills and busyness that never heal her heart. She faces her deepest fears and misbeliefs and must cast pride aside for something greater than her emotions.

As their parallel journeys lead toward mountaintops miles apart, Jack and Rachael receive the gift of a truth powerful enough to change their lives forever. In a world where tomorrow isn’t promised and tragedies rend lives, who a person is at the core is the only thing that can be unchanging … if that identity rests in an absolute source.

Coming March 20, 2024!

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