Fans of Southern fiction with Christian roots will love "Our Good Thing," a short story taste of the books in Carolina’s Legacy Collection.

By Joy E. Rancatore

“Our Good Thing”

Carolina’s Legacy Collection: A Short Story

Who knew Baptist preachers shouldn’t dance? Not Rachael Burns—Baptist preacher’s daughter and dance aficionado.

Rachael and her best friend, Jack Calhoun, overhear Bellum’s primary gossips condemning their families for everything from dancing to playing cards.

Where will Rachael turn for comfort and guidance after the cruel words settle? Can she follow her mom’s written advice about “our good thing”? How many lessons and revelations will the wind whip her way on a blustery February afternoon?

Fans of Southern fiction with Christian roots will love “Our Good Thing,” a taste of all the books in Carolina’s Legacy Collection: Any Good Thing, This Good Thing, Every Good Thing and One Good Thing.


Award-Winning Indie Author

Joy E. Rancatore

Legacy and identity, founded on hope-filled faith, infuse the tales of the soul written from the heart of JOY E. RANCATORE. Her Carolina’s Legacy Collection embraces everyday moments that constitute a lifetime and its heritage. Told around multiple related characters, this collection explores faith, life, death and the demons within through four mediums—novel, novella, short stories and epistolary.

An award-winning, multi-genre Indie Author, Joy believes extraordinary things await her characters and their tales.

Joy E. Rancatore is a multi-genre Indie Author who is passionate about writing the SOUL with HEART.