Indie Author Joy E. Rancatore stands at a podium, speaking to members of the Slidell Newcomers' Club.
Indie Author Joy E. Rancatore sits surrounded by members of a book club who read some of her Carolina's Legacy Collection books.
Looking for an author speaker? Indie Author Joy E. Rancatore has two decades' worth of experience to share with writers, readers, adults and children.

Not JUST Self-Published

Don’t Apologize; Professionalize!

This session provides a three-step shift and an extended Q&A time to tailor to participants’ needs.

Ready for the Red Pen?

You’ve typed “the end,” but are you ready for the red pen? This info-packed session will prepare you for the process toward publication.

Brand Yourself!

This interactive workshop will give you a firm foundation for how to brand yourself as an author(preneur).

Onward, Christian Creatives!

Choose a simple presentation on how churches can support their creative members or add an interactive workshop to put ideas into action.

Additional Topics for Adults

1. Detailed workshop session on how to self-edit

2. Interviewing for authors & how to identify experts in your community to interview for book research

Additional Topics for Children & Teens

1. Creative Writing for Middle School, Junior High and High School

2. Exploring Jobs with Writing

3. How to Become an Author OR A Day in the Life of an Author

Book Signing Options

1. Signing & Reading

2. Signing & Speaking 

Book Club Options

1. In Person

2. Via Skype

Speaking Topics
Many writers who have self-published sound apologetic when they tell people they are just self-published.

Stop apologizing!

Own your title and understand you are not only an author and publisher; you are an entrepreneur. Embrace your title and become a proud professional.

We’ll walk through three specific shift steps together and close with an extended Q&A session in order to identify participants’ specific needs.

You’ve written an entire book. And, as all your friends and family frequently remind you, it’s time to get that puppy ready for a book cover. Being the responsible author you are, you know that means it’s time for an editor.

Right? Maybe. Maybe not.

This session will help you understand the entire revision and editing process. Through identification of your tasks, tools and team for this endeavor, I will provide tips on self-editing and working with an editor to get you ready for the red pen.

Get ready to dig deep, brainstorm and envision your future during this interactive workshop for authors.

If you want to write and sell books, you need to be able to market yourself and that all begins with your author brand.

We’ll walk through six specifics you need to know to get you off to a great branding start.

Do you have artists, musicians, writers, artisans or other creatives in your church? You can—and should—be a huge part of their success.

This can be a simple presentation or it can be an interactive workshop where both creatives and fellow church members work together to prepare a creative team plan of support and encouragement.

For Adults

  • Self-Editing Workshop Session
  • Interviewing for Authors: How to Interview Experts to Put the Facts in Your Fiction
  • KINND Book Reviews Workshop or Presentation

For Children & Teens

  • Creative Writing Seminars for Middle School, Junior High and High School
  • Exploring Jobs with Writing (all ages)
  • How to Become an Author OR A Day in the Life of an Author (all ages)
  • KINND Book Reviews Workshop or Presentation (fourth grade and up)
  • Book Signings
  • Book Readings
  • Book Signings/Readings AND Speaking (e.g. Finding the Facts in My Fiction; What’s Southern Fiction Without Good Food?; Author’s Story Behind the Story)
  • Book Club Chats: in person or via Skype [For more info about these chats and Book Club Kits, visit my Book Club page.]

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