After a lot of mind sifting, I’ve come up with my 2020 word of the year: WISDOM. 

As I reflect on the words I’ve chosen the past four years, I realize how powerful and central they’ve been in my forward movement as an Indie Author. 


In 2016, I finally overcame Self-Doubt and some of the other foes that kept me from fully embarking on this journey. I was ready to go, emotionally; but, mentally, I was spinning my wheels. Which project should I start with? What task should take first priority? 

I needed FOCUS. Once I had that, I began to progress—finally. 


The first full-length manuscript I wrote wasn’t a project for myself. Because it was written for someone else, to be used—or not used—according to their desires, I still felt disappointed that nothing was COMPLETE. So, in 2018, I completed my first novel draft and completed and submitted a short story that was then accepted for publication in an anthology that was published that fall. 


At the start of 2019, I was discouraged. I had completed some work and was ready to move toward publication but couldn’t see how I could financially make that happen. Starting a business and publishing a book are two expensive endeavors. 

Despite my fretting, I claimed this word and determined that—whether I scraped the money together for a 2019 publication or not—I would PERSEVERE until I did, because that was my ultimate goal and it was worth waiting for, if necessary. 

Starting funds came in an unexpected way, and I launched my Press and published two books. 


As I considered my goals for the new year and reflected on the last three words of the year, I found myself torn between two vastly different words. As I continued to mentally mold and shape those goals, though, one word stood out. 

While I’ve progressed in my roles as an Indie Author and publisher, I’ve been presented with opportunity on top of opportunity. Many of these have been unexpected; most of them have been fantastic in themselves; all of them have required an investment of a finite resource—time, focus, money. I know as I continue to move forward, I will be presented with even more of these. 

The process of weighing each opportunity and determining the worth of my investment without overloading myself will require great WISDOM—far great than I currently possess. 


Another truth I’ve noticed as I reflected on these words is, while I may have chosen them for a one-year reign, they remain part of my kingdom of words. 

And so, 2020, as we begin our journey together, I meet you with a FOCUS on the COMPLETION of the projects I’ve found the PERSEVERANCE to pursue as I pray daily for the WISDOM to choose wisely as we go. 

Do you choose a Word of the Year? If so, I’d love to hear yours! Share in the comments below and tell me a little about why you chose it. Is this the first year you’ve picked one or has this become a common practice for you? 

I typically do a reflection post on the past year’s goals and a lineup of intentions for the next year, but this year my co-host Mea Smith and I have put together a focus on goals in our weekly podcast instead. Head to your favorite podcast portal or YouTube and search for QWERTY Writing Life or head to this page for all our primary links. Check out Season 1, Episodes 35 (released 12/31/19) and 36 (releasing 1/7/20) for a brief two-part series on Goal Planning with 2020 Vision. Be sure to drop me a line for your FREE PDF with goal journaling pages to help you plan ahead.