This story continues a series of short fiction exploring some of the Faerie Shepherds and Shepherdesses within my fantasy world. Read below the story for further explanation and head over to the Tales of the Faerie Shepherds if you’d like to read more!

Twas the morn I knew I would die. I might’ve thought I’d be afeared, sorrowed, lost. None of those fit. Instead I was filled wi calm. Twas like the calm afore storm; and I spose it was. I ken afore the night fell once maer, I’d be gone from this airth. Nae maer joy or pain; abundance or want. Nae maer. 

I’d seen how it would happen. I ken at whose hand I’d fall. The visions rose once maer in small flashes. The calm stood fast. I thought of how I loved her. How any sacrifice I made were wee compared to hers. If my release from the bounds of this airth could grant her some relief, twere worth it an hundredfold. I was ready; and so, I opened my mind and heart and soul to the calm round and within. I let it swallow me whole, for I had nae reason not to succumb to its bliss. 

Until … 

A new vision rose from the stillness. The images swallowed all peace and purpose; for another must be crushed for all realms and peoples. 

Not this other. 

In the airth’s shift, my calm erupted. Twas the day of my purposeless death. 

 Sacrificed Purpose” Copyright © 2019 by Joy E. Rancatore. All Rights Reserved.

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