This story continues a series of short fiction exploring some of the Faerie Shepherds and Shepherdesses within my fantasy world. Read below the story for further explanation and head over to the Tales of the Faerie Shepherds if you’d like to read more!


Light seeps into the earth. Gently fading, creeping as the sky steeps into a stronger hue. The time has come.


Magical and menacing. Good and ill emerge together, bonded until the time of the final battle rages across realms, peoples and times, blasting through all portals and awakening ancient secrets, long buried, merely sleeping.

Each evening, a vision of that end to come appears. A melding of the realms—the mystic and mundane brush wingtips, fur, scales and unwitting skin as darkness swallows light. Even in the blackest moments following, goodness finds entrance through which to send its shining beams.

In the yawning abyss of void with its absence of illumination, a glimmer remains.

Remains for ever and for aye.

 A Melding of the Realms” Copyright © 2019 by Joy E. Rancatore. All Rights Reserved.

What do you think about this world of mine that I’m building? If you enjoyed this story, please head over to my site to read the entire Tales of the Faerie Shepherds series.

This month’s story flowed from the inspiration of a delightful monthly online writing prompt, #BlogBattle. As you will read on their site, “Blog Battle is a monthly writing prompt meant to inspire writers and entertain readers.” To read several outstanding stories inspired by February’s prompt, “Dusk,” head on over to the BlogBattlers site!

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