This past month has found radio silence from me on some days on social media—most notably on Mondays when I typically host my online book club.

One of the reasons for this is I’ve been focused on three primary tasks:

  1. Drafting and revising my business plan for my press,
  2. Dreaming up a production plan for all the stories raging to get out of my brain and
  3. Determining a writing and work schedule to make it all happen.

Another reason for my absence is a big part of all of the above. I decided to rename my book club and give it far more attention as I move forward in my writing career. Why?

  1. Because I am passionate about the many benefits of book clubs.
  2. Because I love book clubs and the readers in them.
  3. And, because I want to remain connected to readers.

So, I present to you …

Logos & Mythos Book Club



Book Clubs are wonderful.

*insert a giant sigh of satisfaction*

Before I started this online book club back in the summer of 2017, I had participated in two traditional ones in two different states where we met monthly in person. I loved both of them and enjoyed the distinct dynamics each had, thanks to the unique membership in them. During both time periods, my children were younger and my husband worked most nights. It was easy for me to put the kiddos to bed and set out some snacks for my friends to come over and discuss that month’s read. It worked well for that time.

However, my kids have grown up a good bit.

With that comes later bedtimes and more out-of-the-house activities. Plus, my life has become much more busy and complicated and makes committing to one book a month more challenging. I don’t have quite as much time to read, so I very strategically choose the books I read because—Alas!—I cannot read all of the ones I want. It just doesn’t make sense for me to give a reading slot to a book I may not really want to read.

It just doesn’t make sense for me to give a reading slot

to a book I may not really want to read.

Joy E. Rancatore

However, I miss the discussion and camaraderie that comes with a book club. It dawned on me back before I started this online book club, that you could have that same experience without everyone reading the same book … or being in the same location!

That’s how the idea for an online book club got started.

How it works

I decided to put up a post once a week where fellow readers could interact in two primary ways:

  1. By sharing great books they’re reading with others.
  2. By asking for recommendations for good reads from others.

When you read a book that makes your lit-loving heart go pitter-patter, don’t you just want to share? Me too!

Do you ever have times when you want to shake things up a bit and read something outside of your regular genre or you just can’t decide what to read yet? Me too!

This weekly post provides an opportunity for both.

Each Monday I put up this post across social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Readers can comment any time during the week to share a great read or to ask for a recommendation. Even if you aren’t able to read multiple books throughout the week, you can still interact and add books to your to-be-read list or share some thoughts on a book you also read or give some suggestions for someone who’s looking for a good read in a genre you’re especially fond of!

Using the special hashtag—#LAMBookClub—you can share my posts or make your own posts, and we can easily find what everyone’s sharing in our book club!

Plus, you can participate and interact from anywhere in the world at whatever time works for you!

Time zones don’t matter in this club!

I also decided in April 2018 to add the monthly Facebook LIVE Book Club event as a chance for me to interact live with some folks about what we’re reading and later with others who can’t make my recording time.


My desire for Logos and Mythos Book Club is to promote the value of reading and discussing literature. Plus, I want to promote the importance of book clubs by possibly encouraging you to start one or get involved with an existing one in your community.

I wanted to provide an option for others like me who may not have the time to meet in person or may not want to read a set book each month.

And, finally, this all leads into something I hadn’t even considered when I first launched: an opportunity for me, as an author, to interact with book clubs and readers all over the world!

As I have reflected on all this club has come to be and all it can be in the future, I have realized how important book clubs will be to my continued career as a writer and publisher.


As I progress closer and closer to publishing my own books, I’m hoping to incorporate a few more things through this online book club:

  1. Book Club Shoutout: This is something I plan to start but haven’t decided when. While I’m still thinking about all the details of what it will look like, I know I want to highlight clubs all over the world and let them share what they do and how they do it and what books they’re reading. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!
  2. Beta Book Clubs: Sooner than you may think, I’ll be seeking for some Beta Book Clubs. Basically, when my books are super close to publication—but not quite—I will be looking for a willing club to give my book a shot and give me their candid reactions. These clubs will be part of both my reader team and my launch team as they help me smooth out the final wrinkles before the world gets the finished product.
  3. Book Club Chats: Once I have a book out in the world, I look forward to meeting with clubs all over the world to discuss the book with them, answer questions and maybe even read a passage. I will meet in person with some who live near me, but I can meet with many others all over the world, thanks to the technological beauty of the video chat!
  4. Book Club … Book: On top of all the rest of this, I plan to release a nonfiction book all about—you guessed it!—Book Clubs! Stay tuned for questions and opportunities to participate in my research and preparation for writing that book as well as opportunities for your club to be featured! My tentative production plan lists 2020 as my projected release year.


What do you think about an online book club? Have you been part of something like this before? What are some things you’re excited about with our Logos & Mythos Book Club and what suggestions do you have to make it even better?

I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts! In the meantime, I would love for you to join my Fellowship of newsletter subscribers. Over the next few months, I’ve got many exciting new details to share about my press and about publishing my first books. My subscribers will be the first to know it all!