Last week I took you through my reflections on the past year and included a recap of my last two Words of the Year. This week, I’m looking forward! Here is a quick overview of my intentions for 2019, beginning with my Word of the Year.


It is my goal to start my publishing company this year and to publish at least one book. My biggest obstacle to this happening is financing. But … I am putting plans into place that will go into practice this month that will push these goals into action. Like all those powerful “P” words?

(Anyone else replaying the Friends episode where Joey’s filming that WWI movie?)

My first post of 2018 focused on why I prefer the term goals to resolutions. Check it out here if you’d like to see my thoughts from a year ago. At the end of the day, what it comes down to in my mind is planning.

Resolutions lose their luster;

Goals … given proper planning and purpose …

glow ever brighter.

Joy E. Rancatore

Ultimately, I know all my plans are dependent upon God’s will. Last year, I was greatly reminded how his timing is far more perfect than any timeline I could ever create. At the end of this year, if all my hopes and goals fall through, I know there is a reason … and it’s a good one. So, whatever God’s plans end up being for me, I will persevere—whether I have to change my expectations and goals along the way or not.

Here are a few of my top intentions for 2019. This is only the tip of the iceberg for what I have planned. Also, I’m sharing primarily “big picture” goals with you. Beneath each of these, I have my own extended list of mini goals to—in theory—help me reach the bigger ones.


  • Communication: This was an area I really let slide last year. I had great intentions, but didn’t stick with them. In order for me to succeed in this career I’ve launched, I need my family’s support. I can’t have that support, though, if I’m not communicating with them about the time I need to work or about my plans for our future. This business is for my family, after all!
  • Time: As I mentioned last week, I really failed in this aspect in 2018. I was not the wife and mother I needed to be, so family time needs to take priority this year.


  • Plan: During these first few weeks of 2019, I will be fine-tuning and finalizing both a business plan and a writing/revising/editing/formatting/publishing/marketing schedule.
  • Finance: Money always seems to be an issue, doesn’t it? While my top intention is to launch the press and publish this year, I cannot do that if I don’t have the finances. But this intention isn’t about the money, exactly; it’s about not freaking out or allowing myself to get depressed if the dollars and cents don’t align in order for me to reach these goals this year. It will happen, and I am going to slowly—penny by penny, if I have to—work toward it until it does.
  • Clients: I look forward to adding many more author clients this year. I want to help them polish their words and make them shine! If you’re interested in the editing services I provide, check out my Services page and drop me a line with any questions you may have.
  • Patreon: This is part of my finance plan, and one I am in the very early stages of formulating. I’m excited about catching the eye of a few patrons willing to help me launch my press. More details to come!
  • Logos & Mythos Press: A large part of this year’s business goals are to officially set up my company, launch its website and learn how to manage and balance both my press brand and my author brand.
  • Website: I plan to update my website while increasing its ease of use and adding a few exciting elements. Feedback appreciated!
  • Social Media Focus: In looking back on 2018, I noticed a number of things about my use of social media and picked up on a few things that were working and a few that weren’t. I’ve also got some exciting ideas I want to implement this year that—I truly believe—will take me to the next level of connecting with more outstanding readers. (Can you feel my excitement?)


  • Complete revisions and editing for both the novel and novella.
  • Submit a short story this month to a literary magazine.
  • Continue to write a short story each month as part of the #BlogBattle challenge and as part of my Tales of the Faerie Shepherds series, which is assisting me in my world-building for this larger fantasy series.
  • Complete and revise/edit the short stories that accompany my novel.
  • Remain open to other opportunities.
  • Co-write at least two nonfiction books. (More details to come! I’m also working on a writing-related project with a friend that might just knock your socks off!)
  • Outline and begin writing a systematic theology for the family and 1-2 other nonfiction books.
  • Work on a couple of children’s picture books I began years ago, with one possible release toward the end of this year.


  • Institute a day off. As a work-at-home, homeschooling mama, I haven’t had a day off in … about 11 years. While I can’t exactly take a “day off” from keeping children alive, I do plan to take a day off from any kind of work—freelance, school prep, blogging, etc.
  • Take better care of myself. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been good at the whole self-care thing … and it’s showing. I have had some health issues rising this past year, and it’s high time I start caring for the body God gave me. This includes the standard better diet and increased exercise—Hello, PiYo! Remember me?—but it also calls for a little extra time with a brush or lotion or other such things. And, most importantly, I need to take steps to decrease my anxiety and depression. For me, this begins with my time spent in God’s word, which is part of why I’ll be reading through the Bible again this year. Let me know if you’d like to join me!

Wrapping up …

As you can see, I’ve got a thing or two on my mind these days! Whether all of these goals will be the same in June, only time will tell. It is possible that I’m setting too many goals, but I decided to just go for it. I know which ones are top priority and the order in which I’ll tackle them. From there, I’ll determine if it’s all possible or only partially possible. Either way, I will PERSEVERE!

What about you?

I would love to hear your intentions for 2019. What goals do you have in your sights? What is the biggest thing you hope to accomplish this year? Do you have a Word of the Year? I started that in 2017 before I even knew it was a thing, but apparently it is because I’m seeing it all over the place these days.

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