No matter how many times you have that dream …

No matter how often you stare at the screen with its blinking cursor and envision the goal instead …

No matter how many times you talk about the day it finally happens …

Nothing prepares you for the moment you see your name on the cover of a book.

That moment came for me last weekend when I opened an email from Rachael Ritchey. And, there it was …

The Crux Anthology

I cried.

I’ll be totally honest with you, I really didn’t expect to have such a strong reaction because I’m just a small part of this incredible anthology. But, when I saw my name on a book’s cover, excitement, awe and joy washed over me like the cascading waterfall in my story … complete with giggling, bouncing Aquaerie Sprites.

This is part of the vision and the goal, and now I’m looking at it … on a super gorgeous cover, thanks to the multi-talented Rachael Ritchey!

On November 26, we can all hold this beautiful book in our hands in either print or e-book versions!

In the meantime, you’ve got three ways to keep up with all the important details about The Crux Anthology—including preorder dates and links, introductions to this incredibly talented writing lineup and fun previews, such as quotes from my story and a special prologue for Rachael’s story, “The Forever Door”

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Before I leave you, here are some more places where you can find details about The Crux Anthology!

Meet the entire Crux Crew!

Get details on the top three winners and check out links to more info on each of the talented writers in this contest winner announcement.

Watch a video!

My November Pelican Book Club LIVE was all about giving books as gifts, and The Crux took top recommendation spot! I also shared a few behind-the-scenes details on my story and read the first quote from it.

Some other views of the book cover!

This intro comes to you from Audrey Driscoll.

More beautiful graphics to introduce the anthology!

Check out this intro from another contributor, Briar Shea.

Interview with First Place Winner, RJ Rodda!

Interview with Second Place Winner … Yours Truly!

(FYI: It’s not by someone named Yours Truly; it’s me!)

Interview with Third Place Winner, Audrey Driscoll!


The Crux graphics created by Rachael Ritchey and used with her kind permission.

Nothing prepares you for the moment you see your name on the cover of a book. That moment came for me last weekend when I opened an email and there it was!