I recently had the opportunity to focus in on my literary dream and purpose and sum them up in less than two minutes. Today I decided to share that with you!

Chip and Joanna Gaines, co-hosts of Fixer Upper, have become far more to me than TV celebrities. They have been both my inspiration and example as I’ve set out to build my literary business. Three things about them have always stood out to me, and they have gifted me a couple of things even though we’ve never met.

They are who they are.

This couple is funny and cheesy, and they own it! Seriously, I want to hang out with them! They appear to be humble and down-to-earth and kind and the kind of neighbors we’d all love to have. They’re also committed to their clients, to quality workmanship, to family and—above all—to God.

They do not compromise.

They never compromised those commitments throughout their time in the primetime spotlight. No matter how busy the couple gets or how late Joanna stays at a house to make it a perfect home for a waiting family, they find ways to spend quality time with their children.

They bring their children into their business.

And, they find ways to make their kids part of their business. Taking them on shopping trips, letting them help with the decorating or having them toss the dirt on a newly planted magnolia tree—these are the memories their little ones will grow up with as they simultaneously learn the value of hard work.

They’ve given me an inspirational example.

The Gaines’ example has encouraged me to find ways to include my children in my business, whether they are helping me build storyboards, going with me to have a manuscript bound, reading and reviewing books for me or helping me film a video.

Another thing I love and admire about Chip and Joanna is how they now use their influence and reach for service to others. Service to community is a large part of my family’s life and something I want to keep at the forefront in my business and marketing plans because I do want to be successful—perhaps not exactly as you immediately think. From a financial standpoint, I desire to be profitable enough to remain afloat (pay all the bills that go along with a business), provide the basics for my family and have some left over in order to give back. From an audience standpoint, I do want my number of readers and followers to grow. The more readers and followers I reach, the more people I can influence to give back in their communities.

They’ve opened a door to leap for my dreams.

Because I know my literary dream extends to far more than simply seeing my name on the cover of a book or two, I decided to make a submission to Chip’s dream-giving program, Chipstarter. Whether I’m chosen or not, this contest gave me the opportunity to fine-tune my goals and to realize that it is more than okay—in fact, it’s a must—for me to declare that I deeply believe in my dreams.

If I am chosen as a finalist, I’ll get to meet Chip and Joanna!! How cool would that be?!?! And, if I win, I will be able to launch Logos & Mythos Press in a far better way than I ever could on my own; and I will definitely be able to launch it in 2019.

Due to some setbacks in my freelance business, I’m not sure I will have the funds to launch by next year like I had hoped. But, I do believe in all of this, and I will make it happen. Whether it happens in 2019 or 2025, it will come to be and it will be wonderful when it does!

So, without further adieu, here is the video I submitted for Chipstarter. You can also find it, with a brief explanation, on the Chipstarter website.


What are your dreams? Tell me all about them, so I can dream with you! Have you ever had someone unexpected believe in your dreams? Let us know in the comments below or shoot me an email anytime. Please subscribe for my weekly newsletter to learn more about my progress toward achieving these dreams.

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I recently had the opportunity to focus in on my literary dream and purpose and sum them up in less than two minutes. Today I decided to share it with you! www.joyerancatore.com