“I get to write tonight, ladies!”

After I sent that text (and the appropriate corresponding gif, of course) to three of my amazing fellow writer moms, I got to thinking about the word get. That’s when it hit me:

I GET to write!

This is a privilege; not a right. Not everyone gets the opportunity to chase their dreams. Not everyone gets to create. Not everyone gets to take the spark of an idea and send flames shooting heavenward.

I do.

I GET to write!

This realization led me to insert that mighty little word into other sentences about each aspect of my life—some of which I may actually complain about at times.

I GET to be a mom!

I get to raise two little people, train them for life and impart within them a love of learning. I get to watch them develop their own personalities, dream their own dreams and set their own goals.

Have you heard the phrase, “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world”? It’s very true. Don’t believe me? Read a biography of any woman who was ever a mother, biologically or simply by choice. Better yet, think of the most famous person you can. Think of a person who changed the world, impacted a nation, moved mountains to help others. Now, do a little research and learn all you can about that person’s mother. I guarantee you, 9 times out of 10—if you can find anything actually recorded about her—you will find she was why that person achieved greatness.

Now, I’m certainly not counting myself amongst the greatest moms of all time—just ask my kids. They’ll be happy to tell you in grand detail all the ways I daily fail. What I am willing to boldly say is this—motherhood may be the greatest job and responsibility that exists. However, with that comes a humbling understanding of the huge task it is to train a human being for a life of service to others, but I get to be a mom.

I GET to be a wife!

I get to do life with someone, carry the burden between us instead of alone and have someone to turn to with the tears and the laughs. I get to be his wife.

I GET to work!

As exhausted as I am and as many times as I count and recount the hours in the day wondering how I’m going to get it all done, I am thankful that God gave me talents I can use to bring some money in for my family. I’m thankful for the technology that allows me to do this work from my home, next to my children, for clients all over the U.S. I get to assist them with words for their business or organization or I get to polish their words until they glow.

I GET to serve!

It’s no secret that I’m stretched thin, and sometimes I resent giving of my time to serve for free in various capacities, though I’ve typically volunteered myself. But, the fact is we were called to serve; and I have the opportunity to serve in unique ways in my church and community.

I get to serve next to my children. Because we homeschool, we get to serve together in ways most kids and their parents don’t. We get to pack care boxes for deployed military personnel. We get to paint and decorate those boxes, too. We get to attend funerals at the nearby veterans cemetery for service members who have no family members nearby.

I GET to lead!

Here’s a fact about me: I hate to lead. I hate to be the person everyone looks to for answers. I prefer the shadows of anonymity. When it comes to helping, I’m willing; but I don’t want to be in charge and I don’t want to be responsible and I don’t want to be the person everyone runs to for the final decision. Surprisingly, I lead a local character-building organization for girls, including the rest of the group’s leadership. Did you get the part where I hate to lead and be in charge?

I’ve been in this particular position for three years now. Leaders have come and gone. Families have come and gone. I’ve cried. I’ve worried. I’ve even been hurt. I’ve pushed myself to exhaustion more than once. I’ve wanted to quit many times, but … there’s a group of girls who look up to me.

These girls’ faces light up when we announce the next campout. They’re eager to put in the work to earn each badge. They ask how they can help set up. They pack shoeboxes like pros and happily stuff goodie bags for our local police officers. They run up to me yelling, “Guess what, Ms. Joy!” They’re learning. They’re growing into beautiful young women whose futures are bright and boundless. And, I get to lead them.

I GET to write!

All that—all those opportunities—and I still get to write! I get to pursue my lifelong dream to be a published author. And, dear friends, I will reach that goal. I will see my book on store shelves and library shelves and in readers’ hands. I get to envision that future and I get to work hard to make it come true!

This week I completed one step toward realizing that goal when I wrote THE END on my literary fiction first draft. Soon, I can say with pride while holding a book I created, “I get to be an author!”


What do you get to do? Does that one little word change your outlook on anything in your life? Is there something you may resent doing? Toss that powerful little word in there and see how your mindset shifts.

What do you get to do? I GET to write! This is a privilege; not a right. Not everyone gets the opportunity to chase their dreams. Not everyone gets to create. Not everyone gets to take the spark of an idea and send flames shooting heavenward. www.joyerancatore.com