2024 Summer Reading Challenge Terms & Conditions

Contest Rules, Participation and Terms and Conditions ruling the 2024 LAM Summer Reading Challenge held by Logos & Mythos Press and author Joy E. Rancatore from the Facebook page and website of Joy E. Rancatore.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA DECLARATION: Facebook is released of all responsibility in this promotional giveaway by Joy E. Rancatore as well as by all entrants and fellow author participants. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

 2. CONTEST SPONSORS AND PARTICIPANTS: This contest is sponsored by Logos & Mythos Press and Joy E. Rancatore, with participation from Featured Authors.

 3. CONTEST DATES: Weekly contests (June 9-15, June 16-22, July 7-13, July 14-20 and July 21-27) will be open each week from Sundays until 7:00 PM (CDT) on Saturdays. Bonus prizes will be granted at each Authors of the Round Table event (June 2 and July 6 and 28) for attendees of those Zoom events. Grand prize contest runs from June 2, 2024, through July 28, 2024.

 4. PARTICIPANT RESTRICTIONS: You must be 18 or older to enter. This contest is open to people with addresses in the USA or with APO/PPO/DPO addresses. No purchase is necessary to participate in this contest. Participants should have access to Facebook and the ability to comment on and/or share posts on that platform and the ability to communicate category-fulfilling books read on a weekly post. Additional opportunities for points require participation in either a Zoom event live or commenting on the recording video later on YouTube.

 5. CONTEST PARTICIPATION AND HOW TO WIN: To participate in this contest, people have three ways to win.

a. First, points will be tallied throughout the summer. The person with the highest points for a Featured Author week will win that week’s book prize. The person with the highest points for the entire Summer Reading Challenge, will be one of the grand prize winners. There are two ways to accumulate points:

1. Join the Facebook group and comment on posts in that Facebook group. Ten points is awarded for each post commented on. Points will count toward that week’s points winner AND the summer’s total points.

2. Participate in a live Zoom event. Twenty points will be awarded per event attended. Watch and comment on the event recording on YouTube. Ten points will be awarded per event watched and commented on.

b. Second, readers who join authors in the Zoom room live for Authors of the Round Table events will be entered in a drawing for that event’s Book Swag Prize Pack.

c. Third, another grand prize winner will be announced based on number of books read in the categories provided for the 2024 LAM Summer Reading Challenge. For a completed book to be counted, it must fit one of the categories, be read between June 2, 2024, and July 28, 2024 (at noon CDT) and be listed as completed in the comments of the reading check-in post on the Facebook group. If all eight categories are completed, Joy E. Rancatore will provide additional bonus categories as needed. If one book is read that meets more than one of the categories, that book will only count once. (e.g. If you read a book that is by a Featured Author who is also an Author of the Round Table, you may choose to count it for both categories, but it will only count as one book read overall toward your total number of books read. So, if one reader reads two books—a different one for each of those categories—and another reader reads only one for both, the one who read two books would be ahead in the number of books read.)

 6. HOW AND WHEN WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN: Winners will be chosen based solely on either: 1. highest number of points (per week or overall for the summer), 2. live participation in and name draw during an Authors of the Round Table event and 3. most category-fulfilling books read through the Summer Reading Challenge. In the case of a tie, Joy E. Rancatore will decide if multiple prizes can be awarded or if the tied winners’ names will be put into a hat for a drawing. Weekly winners with Featured Authors will require a draw. Grand prize winners may be multiplied at the discretion of Joy E. Rancatore, and that decision will be clearly revealed. If one person wins both the highest number of points overall and the most category-fulfilling books read, the next closest in one of those categories will be the second winner so there will be two distinct grand prize winners and no one person will win two grand prizes.

 7. HOW AND WHEN WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED: Weekly winners will be posted in a Saturday evening post and tagged wherever they commented (when possible—some platforms and profile settings may not allow Joy E. Rancatore to tag individuals). Authors of the Round Table event winners will be notified during the live event, and the two grand prize winners will be announced during the live final event on July 28 and announced in a Facebook post.

 8. HOW AND WHEN WINNERS MUST CLAIM THEIR PRIZE(S): Winners will have 48 hours from the time of the announcement post and/or tagging to DM addresses to Joy E. Rancatore to claim their prize. After that time, the next point leader or book challenge reader winner will be notified.

 9. DELIVERY OF PRIZES: Paperback or hardcover books will be mailed via the preferred carrier of the participating authors.  Addresses will be shared with Joy E. Rancatore and the Featured Author only and will not be shared with anyone else or used for marketing or subscription purposes. Most prizes will be mailed within a week or two of the winner supplying their address. If the delivery is delayed, we will do our best to communicate delivery updates to the winner.

 10. DESCRIPTION OF PRIZES: Weekly prizes will include at least one autographed paperback or hardcover book mailed by that week’s Featured Author. Each Grand Prize winner will receive a $30 e-gift card to bookshop.org. Authors of the Round Table events Book Swag Prize Packs will include a variety of book-related items, such as bookmarks, short stories, etc.

Last Updated: May 13, 2024